Sportswriters Fred Russell and George Leonard often wrote that the ballpark was located between Fourth and Fifth Avenues, Jackson, and a spur railroad track. Before the street names were changed to numbers in 1904, the location was the same; the ballpark area was bordered by Cherry Street, Summer Street, Jackson and Washington.

Until 1927, home plate was near the corner of Jackson and Fourth. Games were called at 3:30-4:00 PM, and in late innings the sun was in the eyes of the batter who faced the State Capitol.  To alleviate the problem, the ballpark was turned completely around and a new grandstand constructed. The address became 900 Fifth Avenue N., where it remained until the wrecking ball demolished Su;phur Dell in  in 1969. 


Since the middle of the 19th Century when base ball became the sport of the city, Nashvillle's teams played at Sulphur Dell. Negro League teams include the Standard Giants, Elite Giants, Cubs, Black Vols, and Stars; Nashville Seraphs, Blues, Tigers and Volunteers played in the Southern League and Southern Association.